Ski and Snowboarding Rentals at our Shop

Utah Ski & Golf is a Premier Provider of Winter Sporting Equipment

Salt Lake provides residents with a large selection of outdoor activities. The most common is skiing and snowboarding during the winter months on some of the most amazing snow in the world. If you don't go often, it's very likely that you have not purchased your own equipment and will need to rent. That is where Utah Ski & Golf can help you maximize your fun and minimize expense. Our trusted professionals help clients choose rental equipment that will allow them to cruise down the slopes at maximum speed while still fitting comfortably. We offer various levels of equipment packages to guarantee you will be correctly equipped for your mountain adventure. Contact us today to find out how we can help you rent a snowboard or ski equipment this winter.

Maximize your Adventure By Renting Equipment from Salt Lake's Most Trusted Sporting Company

Making the most of your ski and snowboard trip this season includes having quality equipment that will enable you to ski or snowboard at your personal best. Whether you are coming to Utah for a vacation or if you are a native of the state, we provide the rental equipment you will need to be on the hill cutting turns and hitting the moguls like never before. The rates to rent snowboard or ski equipment from our stores throughout Salt Lake are incredibly low and the quality of equipment is unmatched. Schedule the rental equipment you need for your next ski trip adventure.

Utah Ski & Golf Has Special Offers and Discounts For Your Rentals This Season

If you need to rent snowboarding equipment but can't afford to buy new, contact Utah Ski & Golf. We can get you equipped with the items you need to have the time of your life at one of the many fine resorts the Wasatch Mountains have to offer. Never been skiing or snowboarding in the past? We can put together a beginner package that will help assist you while you learn how to ski or snowboard just like the pros!