Your Park City Snowboarding Adventure Awaits

Snowboarding Is Great and Exciting Way to Enjoy the Outdoors

Park City is consistently rated as one of the best places on earth for a large number of winter sports. In 2002, the Olympics shone a light on this area and its amazing peaks and luxurious powdery snow. In order to understand the beauty and majesty of this unique area, you need to visit yourself. A large number of resorts are less than one hour from the Salt Lake City International Airport. If you plan on taking a winter vacation, Park City is an ideal place to relax, shop, dine and provide you with outdoor recreation. Utah Ski & Golf offers equipment and resources that contribute to your dream vacation. We provide affordable snowboarding and skiing equipment perfect for anyone wanting to hit the slopes for a few days, but avoid the high costs of purchasing equipment.Utah Ski & Golf Has Affordable Snowboard Rentals for All Levels of Experience

Beginners find Utah Ski & Golf to be ideal because they can provide the snowboarding rentals as well as other active outdoor equipment like coats, protective snow pants and gloves which many visitors to Utah may not own. We also carry solutions for intermediate and advanced enthusiasts as well. The snowboarding rentals available for intermediate to advanced snowboarders are calibrated to withstand the rough nature of this exhilarating outdoor activity while at the same time providing the protection needed to stay safe. Visit the Utah Ski & Golf website for rentals and review the current discounts that can make your Park City trip more affordable and fun.

Easy Rentals Make Your Winter Sporting Experience More Enjoyable

Once you decide to visit, it is recommended you schedule your snowboarding rental in advance as this will save you time and money. The rental process moves quickly as our technicians are trained to provide you with equipment that will be a perfect fit and give you maximum comfort during your time on the mountain. While inside Utah Ski & Golf to pick up your rental snowboarding equipment make sure you ask about the other services and discounts available. As a preferred destination for rental of winter sporting equipment, as well as outdoor gear, Utah Ski & Golf is the perfect destination for snowboarders and skiers of any level.